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About Akeso Psychiatric Clinic: Akeso was founded by Allen Sweidan, a Clinical Psychologist, who worked together with Sarah, an Occupational Therapist. Together they saw a need for hospitals like Akeso. Akeso got its name from the mythological goddess of healing and curing. She believed that healing involved process. At Akeso they believe that healing takes place through an integrated proven process. They know that to be helped, patients must feel safe and comfortable and they do everything they can to make sure patients feel this way. They have a specialised team that is there to help anyone in need and they offer inpatient care for psychiatric disorders. Their team works closely together and is multi-disciplinary including: • Psychiatrists • Psychologists • Counsellors • Social workers • Occupational Therapists Clinics open and the plans for the future: At the moment there are five Akeso Clinics around South Africa and more being planned (in Morningside and the South of Johannesburg). A few of the clinics that are open are going to be expanded so that they can accommodate more patients. The different clinics offer different specialised units. The clinics that are currently open are: • Crescent Clinic in Randburg, which is the oldest and most established. • Kenilworth Clinic in Cape Town, which is the newest. • Pietermaritzburg, which is a clinic in Kwa-Zulu Natal in a calm garden setting. • Parktown, which will be opening super-specialised units soon. • Alberton, which is where the Akeso Response Unit originated and is run from. Akeso Psychiatric Response Unit: The Akeso Psychiatric Response Unit can be contacted, when someone is in crisis, telephonically through a call centre. Once this has happened an emergency team is dispatched. The emergency team consists of experienced psychiatric staff members that are trained to contain and deal with the

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