Akeelah and the Bee

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Akeelah And The Bee This movie talks about an 11-year-old girl named Akeelah who is born with the talent of spelling words. She is a single parent child and faces a lot of difficulties. This movie talks about her journey from a small town to Washington DC to win the national spelling bee, instead of all the difficulties. The main issues raised in the movie are as follows – * Did Akeelah do the right thing by giving up the word to make Dylan win? * Was it right on Akeelah’s part to go against her mother to participate in the spelling bee? * Was it right on the part of the school to force Akeelah to participate in the spelling bee to save the school? * Was it fair on Dylan’s father to force Dylan to win the competition? * Did Akeelah’s mother do the right thing by asking her not to do the spelling bee? * Did Akeelah do the right thing by signing her father’s name? The main issue in the movie is that what Akeelah did by giving up the word to make Dylan win was right or wrong? According to me it was the right thing that Akeelah did. Dylan was trying to win the spell bee for two years. He had worked hard to be there. Akeelah was a single parent child and missed her dad a lot. We can see her talking to him even when he is no alive which shows that she missed him. This way, when she watched Dylan’s father pressurizing him made her realize that the spelling be was very important for him. It was Dylan’s last chance to win the Bee. She understood the fact that it was her first spell bee and she could win it next year. She never did the spell be to win. The purpose of her participating in the bee was to prove that a kid from a small town and school is also capable of winning something as big as a national spell bee. So, she gave up the word, as winning the spell be was more important for Dylan and not for her. Moreover, it was about
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