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Akcija!Moteriški Madingi Aukštakulniai. Essay

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As a teenager, Hemingway volunteered for war work and was wounded on the Italian front in 1918, (World War 1). This was the basis for his first major book A Farewell to Arms (1929). He enlisted in the Red Cross medical service, driving an ambulance on the Italian front. He was badly wounded in the knee at Fossalta di Piave; yet, still under heavy mortar fire, he carried a wounded man on his back a considerable distance to the aid station. After having over 200 shell fragments removed from his legs and body, Hemingway next enlisted in the Italian infantry, served on the Austrian front until the armistice, and was decorated for bravery by the Italian government

As a boy, Hemmingway spent the summers with his family in the woods of northern Michigan, where he often accompanied his doctor father on house calls. His father commited suicide several years later which left young Hemmingway with a deep emotional scar.

His short novel The Old Man and the Sea (1952) won the Pulitzer Prize in 1953, and Hemingway was given the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954.

Hemmingway suffered from alcholism and depression. He was receiving treatment in Ketchum, Idaho for high blood pressure and liver problems — and also electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) for depression and continued paranoia. He attempted suicide in the spring of 1961 and received ECT treatments again. He committed suicide (shot himself) on July 2, 1961.

His granddaughter Margaux Hemmingway, took an overdose of phenobarbital on July 1, 1996. It was one day before the anniversary of her grandfather's own suicide, Hemingway was found dead in her studio apartment in Santa Monica, California at age 41.

Ernest Hemingway's mother dressed him as a little girl when he was young. (!!!) Weird.

In honor of the centennial year of Hemingway's birth (1899), The Star magazine named Hemingway its top reporter of the last hundred years.

Hemingway was awarded the 1954 Nobel Prize for Literature. He was unable to attend...

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