Aj Davis- Part a Essay

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Michelle Willis Course Project- A MATH553 May 21, 2014 AJ Davis is a large department store chain throughout the U.S. in which many customers pay by credit. To keep current with trends, create the ultimate shopping experience, and attract new credit customers, AJ Davis would like find out more information about their current customers. A sample of 50 credit customers was selected to perform a detailed statistical analysis. Some of the key variables that have been considered and included in the analysis are the customers Location, Annual Income, Family Size, Years of being in their residence and the Credit Account Balances. The first category reviewed was Location. AJ Davis wanted to know where there customers lived to better serve their customers based on demographics. Location has 3 subcategories, Rural, Urban and Suburban. Let’s take a look at what the findings were for the first category. Of the 50 credit customers selected for analysis, 21 were Urban, 15 where Suburban, and 14 were Rural residents. From the Pie chart we can see that 42% of credit customers reside in urban areas, 30% in Suburban areas, while the lowest percentages of customers reside in rural areas. AJ Davis may consider marketing their credit cards to the rural area residents as that may be an opportunity to increase revenues by targeting this particular demographic. There were a total of 50 households 21 Urban, 15 Suburban and 14Rural. The mean of the households sampled is 2.78 and these residents live in the Urban areas. The variance is 3.70 and the standard deviation is 1.92 for all for the households selected for analysis. The likely hood is that the
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