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1. The film shows us several of Ai Wei Wei’s art projects. What is the content of his work? What is the context of his work? What do you think he is challenging in his country, China? The content of his work is to show and reveal the real side of China. The context of his work is in china because Chinese government controls the media, so that no one can show the real part of china, which means no one tell the truth and no on speak for people. The challenging in China is the government. I came from China and I never heard about him, because in China the internet was control by government. I tried to search his name in Weibo and Renren(Chinese style twitter and facebook, because in China twitter and FB are illegal to use) and were showing the information about his name are illegal. The government doesn’t want to Chinese who stay in China know the truth that would against government. And his works or his content are showing the government’s bad side, which different from social media that government allowed to report. 2. We have discussed in class different reasons artist make art, what do you think the reason Ai Wei Wei makes art. What is his purpose or intent? The reason Ai Wei Wei makes art I think it would be to let Chinese government care about Chinese people and this country. His purpose is Chinese government now trying to blind Chinese people. In China, all the Medias are control by the government. Chinese government only let them report what they want people to know, even they change the truth. Some people are trying to tell the truth or speak for people, but most them will got killed or went to jail for that. Ai Wei Wei uses his renown to protect himself, so he can uses his art work to show some truth about China. After Chinese government were created after 1949, before 1970 government killed almost all of literate people, and

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