Airport Management Essay

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BA 310 Term Paper Interim (weekly) Work Chapter #1: Write a 1-2 page paper on a selected airport. Include: Runway description (length, orientation, etc.) How many operations and enplanements Basic runway information (length, orientation) NPIAS classification Ownership/management structure. Identify one significant issue or problem? Use MDW 5010 “Master Record”, and FAA Passenger Data (see Course Documents for links) and an aerial. Chapter #3: You are the airport manager of an airport with approximately 8 million annual enplanements. Currently, your airport does not levy a Passenger Facility Charge. Your business plan proposes several related projects that you wish to finance to increase your passenger service capacity: A central landside passenger terminal $2.5 million Parking $1.2 million Remote aircraft gates $5 million Passenger Shuttle System $1 million 1. What is the maximum PFC revenue that can be generated at this airport? 2. What is the amount of AIP entitlement revenue that this airport can receive? 3. Will the airport lose any funds implementing a PFC? 4. Can all of these projects be funded from AIP or PFC funds? 5. What issues should be evaluated/analyzed before implementing a PFC? Chapter #5: For your selected airport: Identify the airspace classification surrounding the airport Identify the Victor Airways Jet Ways and TERP for the airport Identify/locate the air traffic facilities serving the airport (tower and TRACON) Identify if any Special Use Airspace exists in proximity to the airport. Chapter 7: Identify the terminal/gate geometry for the airport you have selected for your term paper. Identify any positive or negative consequences for the airport from this design? Chapter 9: What is your airport’s overall

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