Airport Expansion Essay

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“Terrance B Lettsome International Airport” which was formerly known as the Beef Island, located on the largest island of the British Virgin Islands which is known as Tortola, the land of the turtle dove. This airport has been in existence as early as the 1960’s. Before it was constructed, a famous aviator by the name of Sir Alan Cobham said the airport was need as it was essential to the island. He was the one to come up with the design; however it was proven to be problematic. Eventual the job was given to someone else to design whose name is Carlos Garcia and was approved. The job was given to Mr. Wagen to construct the airport and a terminal which will be able to facilitate customs and immigration officers. The job was put forward to one of our local, Mr. Obeh Penn, where he had to get a group of men to do the job. It was said they had to get a bulldozer from Puerto Rico in order to start with the drenching of the runway. I remember as s little child, my parents decided to take us on a family vacation to Dominica. In order for us to get to there, we would have to catch the boat from Virgin Gorda, get a taxi to Beef Island Airport. I remember the toll man with his cup held outside his booth which you had to drop a quarter in order to pass. After forty three years, in 2004, the airport decided it was time to do a renovation as it only accommodate small crafts and Liat’s sixteen seats. According to airport worldwide, it was stated that people fly into British Virgin Islands airport to take the ferry to the other islands. When the Beef Island Airport under took the renovation, it cost about fifty-five million to complete the runway and expand the terminal. They stated the reason for this is to bring bigger planes, not jumbo jets, but planes which can seat at least sixty four passengers. This will give us an opportunity to travel to St. Thomas and Puerto Rico and

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