Airline Hrm Essay

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“The overall responsibility of management can be seen as the attainment of the given objectives of the organisation. Upon the attainment of its aims and objectives will rest the success and ultimate survival of the organisation. There is therefore a clear and important need for effective management” (Mullins, 1996. pp 458). Furthermore, “Management involves getting work through the co-ordinated efforts of other people. Managers are most likely to be judged not just on their own performance, but also on the results achieved by subordinate staff” (Mullins, 1996. pp 459). Nature and purpose of human resource management Human Resource Management is an essential part of any organisation that wishes to remain successful and profitable, especially in an industry as competitive as airlines. People, employees and customers, rather than products, must be at the centre of each organisation’s attention. The term first appeared in the 1980’s when it began replacing “personnel management”. Since then authors point out that HRM should be incorporated in the business strategies of companies, as it has the potential to provide a marked competitive advantage. It implies that personnel managers should not merely handle recruitment/discharging and pay, but maximise the use of an organisation's human resources. An organisation’s greatest assets are its employees, without whom everyday business functions such as overseeing cash flow, carrying out business transactions, communicating through all mediums, and dealing with customers would not be possible. Humans and the potential they possess drive an organisation. In order to maximise productivity, this human potential (individuals' capabilities, time and talents) must be managed. Human resource management works to ensure that employees are able to meet
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