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AIRLINE SERVICES Airline is purely a service and it is offered mostly by the corporate sector and in certain cases it is also offered by the government sector such as the state run PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) DEFINITION OF SERVICE: Service is any act or performance (Air Travel) that one party can offer (Airline Company) to another party (Passengers) and does not result in the ownership of anything (Passengers get to travel from one place to another and in the end they don’t have any stake in the affairs of the airline). Airlines provide travel services and in the modern era they strive to provide value added services just to stay abreast the competition. DISTINCTIVE CHARACTERISTICS OF AIRLINE SERVICE The airline service can be examined through the following distinctive characteristics that exist in a service 1. INTANGIBILITY: Airline service is intangible. The main reason is that the air travel service being offered by the company can not be seen or felt before it is actually experienced. The Airline service providers hence work on this as they now try to “Tangibilize the Intangible. This is done by demonstrating their service quality through presentation so that their style realizes its intended customers value proposition, whether it is their posh cabin environment, the quality food on board or the flexible prices they offer. 2. INSEPARABILITY: Airline service has to be produced and consumed simultaneously. Hence an airline offering a flight from Islamabad to Karachi at 16:00 hrs will require the passenger to board the flight at that very moment. The flight can not be stored to be utilized by the passenger at 18:00 hrs; similarly the passenger must board the flight from Islamabad as he/she can’t take the flight from gujjar khan. Inseparability is a big limitation for service providing companies but since airline service

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