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Airline Changes Heather Hutto MGT435: Organizational Change David Hannum 08/01/2011 Airline Changes The airline industry has had a tremendous amount of change throughout our time. From the times of using airlines solely for war to today’s society in which the airlines are outgrowing long distance travels such as trains, boats, and often even driving. Within time several airline companies have been born, while others ceased to exist. Typically when people think of changes within the airlines, the mind tends to go to the historical event of “911”.As this event created an ample amount of conflict and change within security, I find that the most change has occurred in the year of 2010. The start of 2010 was just the start of the end for several airlines. The largest amounts of drops in these companies were due to bankruptcy. There are 5 memorable companies that put an end to their growth due to the going bankrupt. Fist being at hand the Mexican Airlines, this particular airline was a shock to everyone. This company was one of the oldest airlines in the world. They went strong from the year of 1921 to the year 2010. Unfortunately the reputation this airline held was not going to cure their financial troubles. In august 2010 the Mexican Airlines hit rock bottom and went out for business. Second the Sky Europe Airlines, it was located in Slovakia. This particular airline began operations in 2001. They were known to be a low-cost carrier; unfortunately Sky Europe only had a short eight years to shine. They went bankrupt; this was no surprise to many people. The company had not been profitable long before it was grounded. They put up a fight to keep the company going, and were hoping to attempt to restructure Sky Europe; however, there finances were just in the position to help the company. Late 2009 Sky Europe finally called it ends and canceled all fights. Third

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