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CASE STUDY: The macro environment of Airbus industry and the A380 Airbus began life in the l960s as a complicated joint venture supported by various European plane makers and their respective governments, led by the French.r3 It was a political project in so for as Europe feared the near-monopoly in passenger aircraft of US Boeing corporation. Airbus sow potential for o twin-engine passenger aircraft, smaller and more fuel-efficient than the large, wide-body 747 'Jumbo' that Boeing was developing. The Airbus A300 first flew in October 1912. After o slow start, demand accelerated and A300 expanded into o series of aircraft. Airbus' success forced Boeing to develop the rival 771 twinjet, yet by the early 1990s Airbus was winning as many orders for new aircraft as Boeing. In 2000 Airbus became o conventional shore-based company owned 20% by the European Aeronautics Defence and Space (EADS) Company and 20% by British BAE Systems. It immediately decided to develop o 'superjumbo', the 4380, with the potential to carry up to 850 passengers, depending on internal seat layout. In 2005 EADS become the sole owner of Airbus. The A380 made its first commercial flight in 2007. Capable of flying over 8000 nautical miles without refuelling, the A380 would be ideal for long-haul passengers and freight applications. By 2009, A380 production was several years behind its contracted delivery schedule and some airlines cancelled their orders. The survival and future success of Airbus, including the employment of 52,000 people at 16 sites in France, Germany, UK and Spain, depended critically on A380 meeting its sales targets over the medium and longer term. Airbus and Boeing focus on medium and long-haul jet aircraft with 100+ seats. They sell to airlines and leasing companies. High profile international airlines like British Airways, Virgin and Emirates buy and lease aircraft from Airbus

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