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Airbus is a well-known company throughout the world. Airbus is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial jetliners and military air lifters. Airbus established in 1970, introduced the first wide-bodied twin engine aircraft. Airbus is recognised for its innovative design and technology, which offers fuel saving and maintenance advantages over its competitors. Airbus employs over 55,000 people at sixteen sites in four European countries: Germany, France, The United Kingdom, and Spain. This paper contains information about external and internal analysis and corporate, business and functional level strategy of airbus. Which helps to understand airbus critical success factors, resources, capabilities and helps to assess the future competition for the organization. This paper also indicates the growth of Airbus and it also explains the competition in the aero industry. External (Pestel and Five force) analysis describes about the industries and how its affect the Airbus business. Internal (SWOT) analysis explains the Airbus own position over the industry. Through corporate, business and functional level strategy airbus gains competitive advantage over its rival, which helps Airbus become the leading aircraft manufacturer in the industry. The case study shows that politics play a major role in ordering the aircrafts from the manufacturers. Kickbacks are encouraged not only by the politicians but the manufacturers as well. In the first case in Belgian where Sabena orders 17 Airbus planes and later increases the order to 34 which it did not need at all. It’s this move helped trigger airline’s collapse four years later its order. A former Sabena manager agrees to this, “It was a fatal decision”. A Belgian report also confirms that that the Airbus order was a big cause of Sabena’s collapse. Thus, in this case it is obvious that Sabena suffered. In the

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