Airbrushing in Advertisements

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Running head: THE TRUTH ABOUT AIRBRUSHING 1 The Truth About Airbrushing Maritza Hernandez Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi THE TRUTH ABOUT AIRBRUSHING 2 Abstract In this final paper about airbrushing in advertisements I will cover how I feel about airbrushing in advertisements and how various masses feel and interpret this subject. The paper has headings at the beginning of each and every paragraph which will help the reader know and comprehend what each paragraph will discuss before reading the paragraph. The message that this paper is trying to send out to the public is that airbrushing in advertisements should come to a stop. If it does not come to a stop then the ads should at least have some sort of warning that warns the audience that the pictures viewed in the ads are not real and have been airbrushed. The reason why the airbrushing should come to a stop or have warnings is because of serious issues that have come up with society. The issues are so extreme that they sometimes result in death. Keywords: airbrushing, advertisements, pictures, warnings, death THE TRUTH ABOUT AIRBRUSHING 3 Introduction Over the years advertisements have been using a computer program that is specifically designed to make their pictures look effortlessly perfect and by an extent unreal. The computer program is called Photoshop. Not only is there Photoshop but there is also airbrushing that somewhat does the same thing. While airbrushing technologies have made it possible for models to show up at photo shoots 10 pounds overweight and still look perfectly toned on magazine covers, the growing threat of universal high-definition TV demands an almost unusual level of head-to-toe

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