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INVESTMENT, PRICING & STRATEGY ANALISIS For the last years Airborne Express has shown that it is possible to compete with the big competitors that have powerful funding and influence in the industry. We have been able to compete with FedEx and UPS by becoming the low cost provider of air express service. Industry has shown to be moving toward decentralized structures and intense technology reliability. Operations Airborne Express biggest advantage in the competitive market is its low cost operations. We are the only express service to own an airport which allows for flexibility on operations and the infrastructure and saving the cost of landing or service fees. The cost of an airplane and its modifications is $30 million less than purchasing a new plane. This cost saving as well as the 80% plane occupancy is possible to the patented cargo containers Airborne invented. Focusing on high volume corporate accounts permits the company to establish routes and use ground transportation more efficiently. See Exhibit 1 for Airborne Cost Structure. The company’s cost structure can be severely benefited from higher volumes to spread fixed costs more effectively. Investment Airborne Express must invest to automatize its sorting process. This will allow packages to be sorted quickly and with less opportunity for human mistakes, making on time deliveries more reliable. An automatized process will be more cost effective and will also permit to have less overhead, therefore reducing the labor risk of unionized employees demanding privileges through stikes or walk outs. Airborne needs to increase the advertising spending in order to keep their position in the market and gain market share from UPS taking advantage of the credibility loss they got recently over the 16 day strike. Airborne should emphasize the advertisement into the low cost position and reliability it holds.

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