Air Pollution in U.S. Government Facilities

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AIR-POLLUTION ESSAY The United States is the most powerful country in the known free world. Even though we may be the most powerful, the United States still has some issues. One of the major issues affecting the U.S. is air pollution, especially in U.S. government facilities. Air pollution from U.S. government facilities affects us and we need to prevent this in U.S. government facilities. Air pollution from government facilities, such as the Hanford nuclear testing facility, is causing harmful effects to people and the environment (OEM 1). Some side effects are damage to local wildlife, cardiovascular health problems and global warming (OEM). According to the American Lung Association, “The human toll is profound. They cited one 2010 study that estimated fine particles (PM2.5) contribute to 223,000 deaths from lung cancer worldwide.” (ALA, Par. 3). This is because the radiation level and hazardous chemicals in air pollution can severely damage a person’s lungs. These side effects can also cause multiple visits to the doctor, weird weather patterns, and in some cases even death (AA, 1) Another government facility, like Camp Pendleton located in southern California, has regulations in place but they’re still a key factor in air pollution from government facilities (Boothe 1). There have been multiple cases in which residents, who live near a burn pit on the facility, have reported severe cardiovascular issues and other serious health issues. Just for clarification, burn pits are the worst cause of air pollution. They are these huge pits, which are usually huge holes in the ground, stuffed with numerous forms of trash, waste and hazmat (hazardous materials) dumped into it and then lit on fire. These pits release a flood of toxic materials into the air. Even though all of these things are harmful and bad, they are all preventable. One of the key ways in preventing

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