Air Pollution Essay

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Air Pollution Needs To Be Stopped In Our Homes/Schools It’s a place filled with beautiful oceans, beautiful landscapes, and billions of orgasms living on it. We call it Earth, and our home. But are we taking care of our home? As humans, we just do and act without ever thinking about what may happen as the end result. We have been polluting, our air so much that our home planet is changing. Air pollution is an environmental issue that needs to be fixed in our country. Humans can pollute the air in many ways. One of these ways is by giving off exhaust fumes,which contain carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. We contribute to pollution of air by smoking, burning plastics, bellowing fumes from our cars, using chemical sprays, deodorants and perfumes, and by using cleaning products that contain harmful ozone damaging chemicals. We do all of these things to hurt our home because it is easy for us to just forget about a problem that we do not see. But we need to stop forgetting about the air pollution problem and start to fixing it. Air pollutants have been around since the time of cave men. Socha (2007) said, “Humans probably first experienced harm from air pollution when they built fires in poorly ventilated caves.” From that first experience, humans have polluted more of the Earth’s surface. The polluting of the air has been local, minor, and not a problem. It has been this way because the Earth can take in and clean minor air pollutants. Since the days of cave men, we have had many changes to our world that have led to more air pollution. These factors could include vehicles and the growing of population (Socha, 2007). The pollution that we put in the air just does not come from the outside. It can also come from inside buildings. It is hard to get away from air pollution. It is everywhere, and there is nothing we can do to escape from it. “Effects of Air

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