Air Pollution Essay

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China’s pollution has spread internationally to its eastward Asian neighbors and countries in the western hemisphere, especially Canada and the United States. The satellite picture below emphasizes the haze within the region. Researchers in California have seen a steady increase of primary pollutants, mainly from coal combustion, that have drifted across an ocean. I believe there is great potential for international collaboration. The environmental and health costs affecting neighboring countries will tend to surpass the costs of China cutting its pollution. China has attempted to solve their air pollution problem by issuing a set of five year plans. These five year plans provide a framework by setting quantitative time bound goals in order to improve their pollution problem. Even though these five year plans have been set, doesn’t mean that they are being obtained. The Chinese government has identified that many of the plans had inadequate enforcement in order to comply with the plans. Some of the other five year plans have been identified as unrealistic with the continuing industrial growth. China has been unsuccessful in trying to control the pollution problem. In order for them to increase the environmental compliance rates China needs to change some things. First and foremost they need to raise awareness and give incentives for good environmental behavior. The environment laws also have to be consistent, as of now there are still discrepancies and gaps in their regulations. China also needs to devote more funding to the State Environmental Protection Agency in order for them to have the resources they need in order to carry out their tasks effectively. The International Organizations should continue to help and guide China to a more sustainable future because of their ecological hotspots, but also require the country to make changes in the ways they spend

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