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The Air Jordan Legacy Air Jordan also known as Jordans was first established in 1985 by the basketball player Michael Jordan. “Basketball legend Michael Jordan was one of the greatest sportsmen in history, and his superhuman jumping ability inspired one of the most coveted sub-brands ever: The Nike Air Jordan” (Hogg). Michael Jordan first entered the league in 1985 being selected to join the Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan had a remarkable beginning when joining the draft because he excelled in basketball in college and in the Olympics in 1984. Nike found this an opportunity to market Michael Jordan since Nike had a hard time entering the basketball industry. From the success from the shoe, the shoe collectors, who bought sold and traded these shoes, Air Jordans expanded over time to different outlets, such as clothing, hats, key chains, phone cases etc. and was recognized as the best basketball brand known to man. Throughout the course of twenty-six years Air Jordans has over 100 different styles of shoes and color schemes and has dominated the sneaker market. “Nike's two-decades-long partnership with Jordan has certainly been a marketer's dream: Nike is Jordan. Jordan is Nike. The pairing turned the company into a cultural icon, while positioning Jordan as the primogenital pitchman” (Murcha). The buyers of the Air Jordan shoes can range anywhere from babies to as late 30's. The brand has such a large window to who it markets too it can be marketed to anyone. Predominately the primary buyers though are single males from age 8-28. A majority of these buyers are of mixed ethnicity and the primary reason of buying the Air Jordan shoes is for the durability, style, sturdiness and the comfort that the Air Jordan

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