Air Force Safety Essay

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Abstract Safety is an important part of the success of any organization. If employees do not feel safe or are actually being hurt on the job than productivity falters in any organization. Many people believe that the military is not the safest environment to work in. From horror stories about agent orange side effects to desert storm illnesses most people do not recognize the military as a safe place to work. This paper will analyze the safety of the Air Force as a workplace from the perspective of Air Force members and show that it is just as safe and/or safer than civilian work environments. According to the Air Force Personnel Center there are over three hundred and thirty thousand people in the Air Force with about seventy percent of those individuals in a career field labeled as maintenance (Air Force Personnel Center, 2013). The label of maintenance can be viewed as having to do with manual labor. Those of us that perform manual labor are well are that there is always an inherent risk to what we do whether it is the risk of a cave in for a miner or a construction workers falling off a ladder. When considering manual labor as the primary environment for a group of employees it is important to consider workplace safety. In 1970 the Occupational Safety and Health Act was passed creating the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) which aimed to cut down on workplace injuries and deaths and increase overall safety (Shuput, 2013). In the first paragraph of this act congress states that injuries and deaths put an undue burden on interstate commerce, this shows that the driving force was primarily monetary deep down and not just for the safety of the people (Dept. of Labor, 2013). Since its inception in 1970 the amount of workplace deaths have decreased by over sixty percent and workplace injuries have declined by over

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