Air Force Intelligence Career Fields Essay

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What does Cyber Systems specialist’s do day to day? Install, support and maintain servers or other computer systems and plan for responding to service outages and interruptions to network operations. Administer server-based networked systems, distributed applications, network storage, messaging and application monitoring required to provide, sustain, operate and integrate cyber networked systems and applications in garrison and at deployed locations. Is Knowledgeable in server operating systems, database administration, web technologies, and systems-related project management. Support identification, reconnaissance and exploitation of vulnerabilities while enhancing capabilities within cyber environments to achieve desired effects. What does Electronic Signals Intelligence Exploitation specialist’s do day to day? Operate many types of highly advanced electronic equipment designed to monitor, measure and analyze many types of special non-communication signal transmissions. Operate electronic signal collection; search; and monitor equipment, direction-finding systems, and the latest in advanced receiving systems. Operate signal analysis and measurement systems, including oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and analog recorders. Understand electromagnetic signal concepts like AM and FM transmission systems, pulsed radar operation and all the characteristics associated with these signals that allow for complete, in-depth exploitation. Assist in preparing various urgent types of reports to be forwarded correctly and rapidly to those needing that information. What does Operations Intelligence Specialist’s do day to day? Analyze and produce intelligence information. Develop and construct target materials in support of combat mission planning and execution. Evaluate intelligence information to determine whether it's accurate and then disseminate to appropriate

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