Air Asia Vs Garuda Indonesia Essay

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Air Asia VS Garuda Indonesia Commercial flights are part of civil aviation (general aviation and scheduled airline service) that involves operating aircraft for hire. Currently, air transport, such as commercial aviation has become a major requirement for humans due to globalization. Competition between airlines is increasingly fierce. Airlines continue to try to attract people to use its flight services by various ways. Two Indonesian airlines that can be as example are Air Asia and Garuda Indonesia. Some people choose an affordable air fares and some other flights satisfactory to choose the airline that will use. There are several differences Between Air Asia and Garuda Indonesia: pricing policy, services, and customer's fly experience points. Air Asia and Garuda Indonesia are two of many commercial airlines operating in Indonesia. One of the criteria for consumers in choosing their airline is ticket price. People tend to choose lower prices or affordable for their wallets. Air Asia offers a cheaper price from Garuda Indonesia, according to the motto of Air Asia to be world low cost airplane. As evidence, a flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia flying from Jakarta, Air Asia ticket price is U$D 94. On the other hand the price of tickets for Garuda Indonesia destination Kuala Lumpur is $ 110. So, in terms of price Air Asia has an advantage more than Garuda Indonesia. Air Asia offers a cheaper price than other airways; according to their motto to be the world's low cost airplane. Some people give priority to price in making decisions, but some other prefer satisfied services in making decisions. Garuda Indonesia in terms of service has several advantages than Air Asia. At the time of flight Garuda Indonesia provide food and beverages for their passenger, where Air Asia is not at all. Also Garuda Indonesia provides seating the sit more spacious and comfortable for

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