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Introduction Question 1 The reason for my selection or Mr.Tony Fernandez is because he is the most common name when the topic of business man is spoken about. His personality which is very much down to earth and being a great leader is what makes him a famed in the corporate world. Tony Fernandez’s ability to turn Air Asia from an unknown entity to a world famous and multi award winning, not just airlines, but brand is the reason for my selection. Besides bringing up Air Asia to a world known brand, he also created the concept of budget travelling which allows more people to travel and explore new areas hence creating a tourism economy for many of the growing countries.Air Asia really brings their Slogan “Now Everyone Can Fly” in to meaning. Question 2 Tony Fernandez skills and personal qualities are those of a good leader. He was entirely committed to his business and was very accessible to the media; he wore Air Asia’s office red rap cap and official T-shirt to almost every official function, he gave his phone mobile phone number to all the media representative he talked to, and was himself advertisement for his company. Tony Fernandez has also had a good vision of the future because he was very realistic and he exploited the market’s opportunities well. Although the context was not very favorable to enter the market, and especially in this field because of the 11th September, Fernandez chose to take the risk because he strongly believed in his project, which is a characteristic of a good leader. Tony Fernandez was courageous in this unfavorable context and he took his decisions in a very independent way. These strengths are crucial to be a leader. Tony Fernandez was educated at Epsom College from 1977 to 1983 and graduated from the London School of Economics in 1987. He worked very briefly with Virgin Atlantic as an auditor, subsequently becoming the

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