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Strategic Analysis: Air Asia Introduction Various industries, specifically in airline businessare attempting to improve their service s to draw new passengers and travelers and to retain old passengers and travelers, and this objective is part of their business as well as their marketing model. In order to adjust with the stiff competition in the airline business, airline industries tend to come up with various business models and model to be competitive. Additionally, because of the increasing competition among substitute industries, firms like Air Asia, like any other airlines adopt strategic model to marketing and expand their market reach as well as give better and satisfying service delivery to their target market. To sustain the market position as well as advantage, business marketmodel to management and marketing are being developed and utilized. Primarily, the main goal of this paper is to assess and analyze the positioning and pricing strategy of Air Asia. Airline industry Background Air Asia is regarded as one of the leading low-cost airline in entire Asia. The business has enable to expand rapidly since 2001 to become and well-recognized low-cost carrier in this continent. The business has 72 aircrafts which flies to over 60 local as well as international travel destinations with 108 routes, operating daily over 400 flights from hubs in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Consequently, this airline has already flown over 55 million passengers and travelers across the region and the business still continues to continue its airline services to establish more extensive route network through along with their affiliate industries which include Indonesia Air Asia and Thai Air Asia. Air Asia depends so much on their hassle-free, no-frills, as well as low fare airline services for their target market and the management perceives that keeping costs low needs

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