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Air and Water Pollution Essay

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Lea Powell
ENV/100 Principles of Environmental Science
June 21, 2011
Dr. Rada

There are many things that are killing our planet, air and water pollution are within the main cause.   When it is windy at any level, the air can distribute different air pollutants globally that are hazardous to the environment.   Water pollution is also a problem globally that changes in magnitude and type of pollutant from region to region. In this essay I will analyze the different pollutants and how they affect the environment. There are two main air and water pollutant that I will be discussing. The air pollutants that I will be discussing are nitrogen oxide and carbon oxide (carbon monoxide). The water pollutants that I will be discussing are sewage and sediment pollution.
Nitrogen Oxide is an air pollutant, which are gases that are produced by chemical interaction between oxygen and nitrogen when a source of energy produces high temperatures. Nitrogen Oxide is considered to be a primary air pollutant because it is emitted and unchanged from a source directly into the atmosphere.   Carbon monoxide is a gas that is poisonous, colorless, tasteless, and odorless. It is produced in large quantities and it is also considered to be a primary air pollutant. Carbon monoxide is also emitted and unchanged from a source directly into the atmosphere.   It is the human sources that cause these primary air pollutants, to submit to the contribution are transportation and industries. Things that require fuel to be operated which are; cars, trucks, tractors, and equipment that are used for heavy construction are mobile sources. During the combustion of gasoline or diesel fuel a great amount of nitrogen oxide and carbon oxide is released.   Industrial facilities also emit a nice sum of nitrogen oxides and carbon oxides in the atmosphere. The combustion of coal plays a large role in being responsible for most of the emissions. Chemical, metal, and the paper industry are...

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