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Air And Water Pollution Essay

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Air and Water Pollution
Air and Water pollution can have its presence without our awareness.   Being aware of the presence of either will better equip us so that we can address the issues and   effects on our environment and our health.  
Air Pollutions: Hydrocarbons
One category for air pollutants are known as Hydrocarbons.   Hydrocarbons are known as a organic group of compounds that have only elements of hydrogen and carbons (Berg & Hager, 2009).   Two examples of hydrocarbons that are also known as a primary pollutants are Methane and Isoprene.  
Methane is considered to be a primary air pollutant   because it is emitted and unchanged from the direct source into the atmosphere.   It is a gas that is colorless and odorless and is a principle component of natural gas.   According to Berg & Hager, the odor of natural gas comes from sulfur compounds that is added to the gas so that we can detect the gas when it is present (2009).     Some of the sources of methane gas are landfills, the digestive waste products from animals, and coal mining (Bracmort & Ramseur et all, 2009).   Methane contributes to the production of photochemical smog and is linked to global warming.   It   is the second most abundant source out of the six gases of concern   that emit greenhouse gases and accounts for approximately 8% of the total for the U.S (       ).   Efforts to reduce the emissions of methane could play a significant role in the climate change mitigation ( Bracmort & Ramseur et all, 2009).  

Isoprene   is another   hydrocarbon pollutant that is emitted and unchanged from the direct source into the atmosphere.   Isoprene is one hydrocarbon emissions from the tree leaves and   a contributing factor that causes the bluish haze that forms over the Blue Ridge Mountains (     ).   This hydrocarbon pollutant is volatile and does evaporate into the air.   Isoprene does contribute to the ozone formation and is a key ingredient in photochemical smog (   )....

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