Air Alert Iii Essay

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Air Alert II versus Air Alert III The exercises for Air Alert III are exactly the same with the exception of one. The technique of each exercise will not change for Air Alert III. Frequency (changed) Air Alert III is designed to be done 3 days per week with the exception of week 15 which is designed to be done 4 days. The 3 days workout schedule alteates from week to week which allows for ample muscle and strength recovery for your legs. This is extremely important in building the strength required for giving you the lift you need. WORKOUT CHART (CHANGE) The Air Alert III workout chart will provide you with 2 charts. You will notice that the odd numbered weeks and the even numbered weeks in strict the same order sequence for each exercise, but that the actual days of the week are different. Do the workout exactly as prescribed on the days designed for the respective week. The odd weeks are to be done on Monday-Wednesday-Friday and the even weeks are to be done on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday. Week 13 is designed as a complete muscle recovery week. Air Alert III should not be completed at all during week 13. Week 15, the final week, is designed to completely break down the muscles, shock them and prepare them for the final recovery. This last week will help to add an additional 1-2 inches on your jumping ability. You are required to do week 15 four (4) days that week. You will do Air Alert III on Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday of the week. RESTING BETWEEN SETS (CHANGE) The Air Alert III workout consists of multiple sets and repetitions for each exercise. After completing 1st set of an exercise, do not rest anymore than 2 minutes before completing the second or third set for the respective exercise. During the 2 minute resting period, it is important to massage the muscle that you are currently working on. If you are doing Leap ups, be sure to massage your thighs

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