Aint No Mountain High Essay

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Number 12 English Topic: Filipino heroism in the midst of crisis. Ain’t no mountain high...! “It is not mountains that we should conquer, but OURSELVES!” Typhoons, floods, earthquakes, and landslides are just some of the dilemmas that our world is going through. There is no saying what could happen next. No hints or clues! Like an aquarium, our world was once clean, but after few years or so, gets dirty and polluted. This doesn’t only imply on our environment, but it also means the lives of humans. Brought by typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy), our beloved country, Philippines, is going through great crisis. Many homes ruined, families separated, and lives destroyed. But though our country has not yet recovered from one predicament, another two comes in and brings another disastrous effect. Based on the research of PAGASA, there are more storms that are knocking on our doors. And there is no assurance that NO ONE will get affected. These past few weeks, we can hear many news and updates on how disastrous the typhoons are. There are no rich or poor, powerful and weak in these kinds of situations. Even celebrities and politicians lost their possessions and got their lives ruined. As mentioned, like the aquariums, our world can also be cleaned. It still can be filtered and fixed to make it a better world and return to its proper condition. Similar to a janitor fish, people can sweep the crimes and bring back justice. Ever since the typhoon came to Philippines, many groups were formed. They came together, to make a difference and to help people those in need. They give help by offering service and shelter, provide food, and share their love. They can be considered heroes of our country. Because they benevolently offer helping hands in times of crisis. And are willing to sacrifice most of what they have.

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