Aileen Wuornos Essay

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Aileen’s behavior killing behavior could have been the cause of her hard life as a child. She robbed and killed seven men; the reason could have been because she has some hatred towards men or towards her abusive grandfather. Aileen was so used to getting beat and hated by men, so it was clear that it was a way for her to get rid of some hatred towards men. Her behavior could have also been inherited from her father, her aggression, temperament and impulsive behavior. Aileen should have received psychological help; she lacked love and support from her family that it caused her to find an easy way to survive. Molestation could have been another reason to her issues towards men, since an early age became sexually active and that caused men to take advantage of her and disrespected her, leading her more towards her hatred towards them. Aileen knew that if she had not been caught, she would probably keep killing more men, she volunteer to be executed; she even admitted that she would kill again because of all the hatred she had for life. It is possible that her breached birth could of caused some brain damage, but that should have been proven before considering execution. When she was being interview towards the end, she blamed the police that she became a killer; she stated that they knew that she was killing men and that she was being manipulated by “sonic waves” and that they let her be a serial killer so they could make books and movies out of her life., she stated that it was all a cover-up and that she was under surveillance while she was killing all those men. At the end it is clear that she needed professional help to overcome her mental issues, execution was not the best option. It was interesting that she change her story after her the prosecution got a hold a video of her lawyer smoking drugs, and the video was submitted as evidence; she then wanted to tell
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