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Aileen Wuornos A. What was their childhood like? * Born Aileen Carol Pittman in Rochester, Michigan, on 29 February 1956 * Parents- Diane Wuornos, was 14 years old when she married Leo Dale Pittman on 3 June 1954 * She had an older brother named Keith * Leo was convicted for committing sex crimes against children and ended up enlisting in the military * Diane filed for divorce (while pregnant with Aileen) and went back to parents house. * In January 1960, when Aileen was almost 4 years old, Diane abandoned her children, leaving them with their maternal grandparents,who legally adopted Keith and Aileen on 18 March 1960. * Aileen never met her father because he was convicted of raping a 7yr old girl and attempted murder of an eight-year-old boy10 years later. * He hanged himself later in prison in 1969. * sexually assaulted and beaten as a child by her grandfather * Explosive tantrum tantrums * At age 10 she constantly had sex with brother keith. * At age 11 she had sex with boys for food money and cigs. * At age 14 , she was preg. By brother or grandfather, the baby boy was up for immediately up for adoption * Grandmother died of liver failure and grandfather kicked the teens out the house. * At age 15 she lived on the streets and prostituting. B. Were there any precursors? Did childhood behavior reflect problems? * She has always depend on her body C. What was her adult life like? Did they finish high school/college? Did they marry? Have children? Were they loners? * She has lived on the road basically her whole life, hitching from one place to another. * She first went to colorodo but later ended in Florida. * She married a wealthy 70 year old man named Lewis Fell, but marriage ended 9 weeks later. * Worked on exit ramps * Brother keith died from cancer *

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