Aids in the Workplace

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Tabatha Lang Business Ethics December 7, 2012 Case Study Analysis-Aids in the Workplace In this case study analysis paper, I shall argue that it would morally acceptable for Carla to fire Tom Walters. The reasons and evidence that support my moral judgment are as follows. They include utilitarianism theory, justice theory, care theory, rights theory, and catholic social teaching theory. According to utilitarianism which states that an action is morally correct if the sum total of benefits produced by that action are greater than the sum total of benefits produced by any other action that could have been performed in its place. This evidence must be presented with regard to its incompleteness because much of the evidence is based on rumor coming from Tom’s ex-wife. Tom’s ex-wife Frances came into the bagel shop to talk to Carla about Tom having aids, which Carla doesn’t know her very well. Since it’s coming from an ex-wife there could be revenge on Frances mind. She could be trying to get back on Tom by telling his boss that he has an infectious disease. Actual evidence of a local business which was Denny’s was failing to remain profitable, if as the cook stayed at his job position, but the customers stopped showing up to the business because they had fear of a cook working there who had AIDS. Carla doesn’t want her Better Bagels shop to end up the same as Denny’s. If the rumor was able to get to her customers, they could stop coming because of the fear of catching the disease. Carla needs to do what is best for her business and Tom. The benefits of firing Tom Walter’s would be that the business would keep being profitable due to the rumors ending, the business wouldn’t go bankrupt , and only one person would lose his job instead of the entire company going down. The benefits are outweighing the costs because Tom having AIDS will make a customer’s fears of

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