AIDS awareness in Saudi Arabia

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AIDS is a disease which causes weakness in the body's immune system. "AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome."(5:1) AIDS is caused by virus called HIV which stands for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. People get this virus by unprotected sex, sharing a needle, blood transfer, or being born with it when the mother is infected. If you got HIV that doesn't mean that you have AIDS, but you may get it. The purpose of this report is to discuss the awareness of AIDS/HIV in Saudi Arabia. The first case in Saudi was reported in 1984. In 2000 the total of cases was over 436. And in 2004 there were 989 cases of AIDS and 1.181 cases of HIV. Today, there are 6.787 cases and the numbers are increasing. (1:1) Most of the cases are between 15-45 years old. "About 45% of the HIV/AIDS cases in the kingdom were sexual transmitted and about 77% of those infected were male."(2:1) 24 million riyals were spent on diagnosis and treatments by the health ministry in Saudi. If a foreigner is infected, deportation is the only answer that the government can see! (2:1) The AIDS/HIV awareness movement in Saudi is a new born which started in 2005. the Saudi government started it with the UN`s help because of the increase of infections, which increased dramatically last year. The movement started to educate Saudis about AIDS/HIV and how to accept it and how to avoid it. (2:1) Most Saudis are ignorant when it comes to AIDS and HIV; they think it’s only transmitted by sexual intercourse and you know ho sex it a taboo in the Saudi culture. Saudis think that AIDS is a punishment from god for homosexuals and adulterers. Saudis can not accept that AIDS exists in Saudi, and Saudis are infected. With the awareness movement Saudis will learn how to accept it and to prevent it in a healthy way. Although some Saudis are being open minded when it come to AIDS now, as long as it doesn't
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