Aids And Its Metaphores

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Illnessess Susan Sontag is an author that wrote the essay “AIDS and its Metaphors”. In this essay she started off explaining what a metaphor is. She says that she uses Aristotle’s definition of metaphors which is; people give something a name relating it to something else. She then goes off and talks about how the body is like a society. She says a well disciplined body is ruled like a head. She back that claim up by using an example with Rudolf Virchow. He said society is like cells in a human body, and the body is a unified common wealth. After she brings up Lucretius, He had said “It could not do justice to the fact that the body consists of essential and unessential organs, or even to the body's materiality: that is, to death” ( Sontag 7). She then talks about how John Donne explains how the body is a fortress and he says we get sick when something invades our body. Sontag goes on about different metaphors until she states that illnesses were created because of identification of small organisms. The use of microscopes helped see the invader that caused these illnesses. She says it strengthened military metaphors because the body and medicine could fight these diseases. She uses the disease tuberculoses as an example and then goes in an idea of war against disease. After she talks about how military metaphors stigmatize illnesses to people that have that illness. She then goes into a story of how she had cancer and hated how people were so pessimistic about the disease, and how she wants to change the metaphor. In this essay she explains how metaphors stigmatize illnesses in a series of ways. “AIDS and its Metaphors” is an essay written by Susan Sontag. She wrote this essay because of the metaphors use toward cancer and AIDS. In the essay I believe she attempts to explain her point of view towards the metaphors of the illnesses cancer and AIDS, and how
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