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. AIDS AIDS is real. AIDS walked into my life when I was only two years old. At two, I didn’t know what AIDS was or how people contracted it, but all I knew was my uncle had it and it traumatized the whole family. My uncle was the most outgoing and sweetest guy I have ever known. Even though I was five when he died, I remembered it all. When people think that only gay people have AIDS, it makes me very upset because not every gay person has AIDS. I learned at a very young age to be very mindful of people who have AIDS. Ever since my uncle died from AIDS, my whole outlook on AIDS is totally different. At the age of two I realized that I went through a lot that normal two years old never really had to go through. I knew nothing about the disease, except it made my uncle look awful as the days went on. I knew his time was limited, but I did not know it was going to come so fast. The last two weeks of his life, he slept over my nana’s house and began to fade away. One day I would never forget was when everyone was down stairs screaming and panicking because my uncle had threw up everywhere. I remember my mom telling me not to go down there because there was throw up everywhere. When I think about on that day I realized that my uncle was loved very much from the people around him. He was loved and supported by all his family and friends. When I tell people my uncle had AIDS the first thing they ask is “was he gay”? That really makes me mad because it is stereotypical and ignorant. I have to explain to them that he was not gay and not all gay people have AIDS. When people feel that way, it makes them seem like they are narrow-minded. I sometimes have to understand that not a lot of people know that not all gay people have AIDS. I learned that I can not overreact about people saying that all the time. What people learn is how they form their opinions. Some people

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