Ahouse Is Where You Live Essay

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A house is an entire structure. An apartment is one or more rooms in a building. Gary4books 59 months ago Answer from LouLou 2 people found this helpful A house you can own and do whatever you want with it. paint, knock down walls whatever you please. An apartment is on loan and you don't even own the doorknob. Anything you want to do has to be approved by the landlord. When you moved from a house you might walk away with a profit and a few bucks in your pocket. An apartment you'll be lucky if you get back that extra month security you put out. LouLou 59 months ago I am assuming you are speaking of yourself personally and not a corporation. LouLou 59 months ago Answer from TurboB 1 people found this helpful A house is an investment. Needs constant care, upkeep, and work, but in the end, it's yours. An apartment can be a home, but you never own it. Easier to deal with - if something breaks, you make a call and it gets taken care of for you, but you cannot make any changes without asking premission. TurboB 59 months ago Answer from danielpauldavis Dissect "apartment" and one has "apart" ment. An apartment is a part of a building which one either rents or purchases as a condominium. However, even as a condominium (and this is true of separated structure condominiums), there is always a "Home Owner's Association" to tell the "owner" of the condominium what one may and may not do. I tried to have a utility saver installed on my apartment and it ended up being impossible. Thus, you should further refine your question. Even a "house" can be "purchased" but as a condominium with an H.O.A., there are limitations. And if one buys a regular house, one always will have the municipality's Code Enforcement officer to deal with, so mow that lawn, tote that sprinkler. In sum, does your monthly

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