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AHIMSA What is Ahimsa? I believe Ahimsa is a human experience that has stayed alive in Indian civilization for a very long time. The underlying principle of ahimsa is to be nonviolent to every living being bodily, emotionally or orally. The goal of ahimsa is to remove the violent and cruel natures of humans by replacing them with love, peace and forgiveness. Two thousand years ago South India's weaver saint Tiruvalluvar said it so simply, "All suffering recoils on the wrongdoer himself. Therefore, those who desire not to suffer refrain from causing others pain." Ahimsa teaches the use of cleverness instead of violence to achieve required goals. The rules of ahimsa are very inflexible, for example if a man says anything in violent tone of voice or a unsatisfied facial expression he is showing signs of himsa (violence). Ahimsa gives confidence to acceptance and criticizes behaviors that put down other beings. The follower of ahimsa is biggest in Hindu religion because of our belief of dharma, karma and punarjanma (reincarnation). Hindu pundits (gurus) teach that it is a Hindu’s dharma or duty to be caring and friendly to the worldwide society. By completing ones daily obligation the Hindu can reach moksha or living in peaceful heaven due to karma; if an individual means no damage, they will receive no damage. As a result, if the person has lived their life in a steady condition of ahimsa, when they die they will be reincarnated into a superior being. Despite of me being Hindu I would question, what would you call self-defense or fighting for the right cause? I know the lifestyle was much different back when they wrote these disciplines of how to leave a good life. But isn’t it true that us humans advanced ourselves with knowledge and technologies we have and built. It is obvious that a state of mind similar to ahimsa does not exist in our American society as a

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