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E-Mail Is Better Than Conventional Mail E-mail, or the basic electronic communication, has come quite a long way since its introduction in the early 1970s. Nowadays, it has been used by many for the reason that it has essentially evolved into a more resourceful tool whereby one has the ability to do much more now than they once could traditionally. Along with the usual sending of files and text messages through email, one can send virtual greeting cards, manage their emails by assigning them to folders or classifying them as junk, and even organize and manage their daily tasks on some email servers; and these are just a few to mention. Nonetheless, the real reason why e-mail is better than the conventional mail lies in the fact that the former is more superior in terms of convenience, economy, and speed. First of all, e-mail is better than conventional mail because it is more convenient. Its service is conveniently available around the clock. Thus, this gives both the sender and recipient the freedom and flexibility to choose the time most convenient to them to do the necessary correspondence. For instance, an extremely occupied home-maker might find the only time available for her to communicate with others is when all her children are already tucked in bed, at night. Later if she were to have the postmen to relay her messages across, she would find it impossible as by then the post office is long closed. However, with the 24 hours connection to the net, simply at the punch of the keyboard, she is not only able to do so at any time she wishes - even though it is way past midnight, but she is also able to do it in the comfort of her home, and perhaps while

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