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Great Feats of the Agriculture Industry Agriculture is an amazing industry in the United States. Slightly less than 2% of our nation’s population works in this field, yet they provide all of our American grown products and food (General). Since the birth of our nation, farming has provided a vital lifeline. In the pioneer days, people were reliant on farming practices not only to make a living, but also to feed themselves and their families. Today, farming is still a very important part of our nation’s economy, as we export about $100 billion dollars worth of commodities annually (General). Farmer’s have had to overcome many challenges in their occupation, such as keeping food prices low, and being able to meet the demands of society with a shrinking amount of acreage. Why would keeping food prices low be a challenge to farmers? Can’t farmers make prices whatever they want them to be? Yes, farmers could make prices whatever they wanted them to be, but one has to factor in the overhead costs. After you factor in the cost of the seed, land, and irrigation, it adds up to a pretty price tag. Despite all these challenges, farmers have still been able to ensure food is attainable to every American at a reasonable cost. They have achieved this through harvesting a higher yield from their land, as well as getting assistance from the government through aid such as subsidies. During the Great Depressing, agriculture was taking a big hit because there was a major surplus of goods, and nobody was buying them, thus leading to declining prices. Farmers weren’t breaking even, and in fact were losing money. The government’s solution to this problem was to create subsidies, where they would pay farmers a guaranteed amount of money for their crops (Burros). This helped farmers make a profit back then, as it continues to today, as well as keeping food prices down.

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