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Agriculture of Great Britain Last decades in agriculture development scientific and technical level and productivity of the national agrarian and industrial complex which has become by a part have considerably raised. Maintenance of the country at the expense of local resources steadily grows, and for the post-war period it has risen with 1/3 to 4/5, full self-sufficiency is reached on such products as milk, security on eggs, fowl, wheat, oats, barley, a potato is high; fruit, oil, sugar, cheeses are imported. On the conditions which have developed in EU, it is necessary to pay for imported production more expensively in comparison with possibilities of import of the foodstuffs from the former colonies that generates constant contradictions between Great Britain and other members of EU. Agriculture of Great Britain now - one of the most productive and mechanized in the world. The employment share in branch makes 2 % from the general employment in the country. A total area of agricultural grounds - 58,3 million in hectare (76 % of all earths of the country). In agricultural production structure prevails - animal industries. Dairy and мясомолочное the cattle breeding, is developed also свиноводство (bacon откорм), meat sheep breeding and poultry farming. England is one of the largest world suppliers of the sheep wool. Traditionally the animal industries concentrate in pools of the rivers. However, the big loss was incurred by animal industries in 2001 owing to cattle diseases – in the beginning a spongy encephalopathy («the cow furiousness»), and then ящуром. In plant growing almost 60 % of an arable land are occupied by long-term grasses, over 28 % – under grain crops (including 15 % wheat, 11 % – barley); 12 % – under technical (a rape, a sugar beet, flax) and forage crops (including a potato), and also kitchen gardens and

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