Agressive Driving Essay

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Aggressive driving, in many drivers’ minds, is considered unsafe and unnecessary. Aggressive driving, in my opinion, is absolutely necessary to reach top safety standards, enhanced alertness, and reaction time behind the wheel. When I speed, turn at the last minute, or brake hard in order to avoid a collision and an angered driver shows me vulgar signs concerning my “bad driving” is my number one pet peeve. When it comes to safe driving, obeying traffic laws is usually the first thing that people say is truth, but to have the reflex, flexibility, and reaction of the dangerous and unexpected is a hundred times more important than a red stop light. Many understand that to be a safe driver on America’s roads one must obey all traffic laws such as staying in your lane, traveling at the speed limit, going at a green light, and stopping at red light. How hard is it to obey these laws? It’s not. That’s where aggressive driving comes into play as other crazy drivers out there are random and surprisingly stupid. If you are abiding by every traffic law known to man and some idiot is about to side-swipe your car, is the situation safe? In order to avoid a wreck in this certain situation, turning the car away from his is the obvious answer. Also, speeding up to avoid getting hit is another alternative, but when a driver sees my quick reactions they often think that I’m the idiot and that I shouldn’t be on the road. What’s so wrong about driving the speed limit? Well, technically nothing is wrong, but when I’m stuck behind someone traveling 30 miles per hour and the speed limit is 30 miles per hour, my boiling point is nearly reached. I can not stand slow and cautious drivers. Most cops today will not right you a ticket for traveling at speeds of 5 miles per hour over, so why travel so 30 when you can travel 35? I ask that very question to myself everyday. I’m sure that other

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