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Running Head: AGGRESSION IN PSYCHIATRIC WARDS Current issues in managing violence and aggression in acute psychiatric ward setting [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] Current issues in managing violence and aggression in acute psychiatric ward setting Abstract This paper researches the current issues, management and developments related to violence and aggression in psychiatric ward. With the help of the literature review and а series of textual and personal observation I have tried to explore and examine the issues which arose during а clinical survey of an acute psychiatric admission ward. The problems of nurses (staff) and as well as patient’s troubles, methodologies to rectify those issues have also been discussed along with а detailed literature review. It also tried to review critically the main objectives, aims and concerns of psychiatric ward. Table of Contents ABSTRACT II CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1 BACKGROUND 1 PURPOSE OF THE STUDY 5 CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW 7 AGGRESSION 7 FORMS OF AGGRESSION 7 OVERT AGGRESSION SCALE (OAS) 12 MODIFIED OVERT AGGRESSION SCALE (MOAS) 14 STAFF OBSERVATION AGGRESSION SCALE (SOAS) 16 VIOLENCE SCALE (VS) 17 RETROSPECTIVE OVERT AGGRESSION SCALE (ROAS) 18 AGGRESSIVE INCIDENT RECORD FORM (AIRF) 19 VIDEO CAMERA SURVEILLANCE 20 ISSUES ROSE WHAT IS А VIOLENT INCIDENT? 22 THREATENING AGGRESSION 22 PHYSICAL AGGRESSION 23 SEXUAL VIOLENCE 24 VIOLENCE FROM PLAYFULNESS OR INTIMIDATION 24 THE CONCEPT OF SEVERITY 26 VALIDITY, RELIABILITY AND STANDARDISATION OF INCIDENT-BASED SCALES 27 ARTIFICIAL TESTING 28 CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGY 31 METHOD 31 RESEARCH STUDY 32 PROCEDURE 33 OBSERVATIONS 34 INDIVIDUAL CHARACTERISTICS AND AGGRESSION 36 DIAGNOSIS OF AGGRESSION 36 CHAPTER 4: ANALYSIS & RESULTS 37 ANALYSIS 37 RESULTS 38 CHAPTER 5: DISCUSSION &

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