Agreements Of Technology Essay

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I agree that modern life has definitely sped up and has the changed the world completely. For instance, technology has had a huge effect on today’s society. From teenagers to adults, it helps out many people in many different ways. I feel like there’s a bad side to the effects of technology and a good a side too. Such as that technology is great when it comes down to doing HW and researching and can also help obtain a lot of common knowledge. It can also make ones life much easier and less stressful. There were times when one had to go the library and does research have certainly changed. Now a simple teenager can access any kind of website and book on his or her laptop at the comfort of their home. Technology comes in handy especially when doing school work and is a great way to study. Also with cell phones, parents have a much better way to track their kids whenever they want to. But I also believe that technology can be a huge distraction and a lot of trouble if used in the wrong way. Such as when doing homework technology can be a huge distraction. For example when using the computer many people can distracted by the internet. Websites such as face book and YouTube Can distract one from doing their homework. And also cell phones and texting all the time can also be bad. It can cause a lot of drama. Face book is a great place of socializing and such. But also a great place to get caught up in drama and stuff one doesn’t need in his or her life. I feel that there should be some kind of restrictions on technology. Also cyber bullying is caused by technology. Cyber bullying has led to suicides. That is why I believe that there should be limits on technologies. As a teenager I know that our brains as teenagers are no way as mature as a mature adult’s brain. There a lot of immature kids out there that usually end up abusing technology and causing others pain. Bringing

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