Agreement and Disagreement Essay

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1. INTRODUCTION The following assignment intends to provide a little analysis of some data in the agreement and disagreement patterns followed by a little group of non-native speakers of English when they have to communicate in a second language, in this case English. 2. ANALYSING THE DATA The corpus used for the following analysis has been taken from the mini-corpus created by students when they were asked to produce and discuss a task on line for the class. 2.1 EXPRESSIONS OF AGREEMENT AND DISAGREEMENT IN THE CORPUS 2.1.1 EXPRESSIONS OF AGREEMENT: I agree with everything you´ve said. I also think that... I totally agree with... I have also thought that... * I am agree with you too. Yes, I agree. Ok, perfect. I like your suggestion, C. I think it's a good way of organizing the final document. Ok, I think it's a perfect idea as you said C. I agree with your reading of... I agree with... I think I agree with you that... I agree with your final comment. I agree with the second part of your analysis. I also agree with B's interpretation. I agree with most of what you've said. I agree with you I agree with the last part. I agree with both of you as well. Ok, I agree. Ok, perfect, I think... I totally agree with your classification of... Do you agree with this? 2.1.2 EXPRESSIONS OF DISAGREEMENT: I agree with you: D. I agree that she's less passive, however, how can you justify that she talks and thinks more in the newer versions? I totally agree with your classification of... it's just that I thought we should include this part in Task 3... Could you please have a look and tell me what you think about it? I'm not sure about this, but I think... so maybe in... My ideas concerning Task 3 are basically the same, except for the third pair of images. I think... There's just

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