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FRANCHISEE AGREEMENT THIS AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is made on this 1st day of April, 2010 by and between M/s Primus Retail Private Limited, a Company registered under the Companies Act, 1956 and having its Registered Office at No. 7, 1st Cross, 3rd Main, Ejipura , Bangalore - 560 047 represented by its authorized signatory Mr. Rajat Mathur, hereinafter referred to as “Company”, which term wherever the context requires shall mean and include its successors, legal representatives and assigns, of the FIRST PART; And M/s. Absolute Fashioners, a Propreitorship concern, represented by its proprietor, Mr. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, aged about xxxx years, W/O xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, presently residing at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, hereinafter called the “Franchisee” which expression shall, where the context so allows, include the assigns of the Franchisee, of the SECOND PART; WHEREAS: 1. The Company is the bonafide owner of the Brand “Weekender” (with Trademarks) and is entitled to manufacture, market and sell the Apparel, Accessories and footwear merchandise under the said Brand in India. 2. Franchisee is in the business of, inter alia, procuring, displaying, marketing and selling the merchandise of apparel, footwear of various brands. Now, the Franchisee recognizes the benefits to be derived from being the Franchisee of the Company for the Products and approached the Company for a Business relationship. 3. The Franchisee approached the company to purchase and the Company agrees to sell the merchandise on the following terms and conditions. NOW THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSETH AND IT IS HEREBY AGREED AND CONFIRMED BY AND BETWEEN THE PARTIES HERETO AS FOLLOWS: 1. DEFINITIONS: a. “Agreement” means this agreement and any addendums entered from time to time. b. 'Order' means the supply of Products by the seller according to the Buyer’s official instructions (Purchase

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