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AGREEMENT FOR LEASE THIS AGREEMENT FOR LEASE is made and entered into this the 1st day of June 2012 at Mangalore between VEDAVYASA RAO K B, aged about 40 years, S/o K.B. Gopalakrishna Rao, residing at No. 81-82, Parna Kuteera, Flat no.102, 3rd Main, Bikasipura, ISRO Layout, Bangalore-61. (Hereinafter called the LESSOR) of the one part: AND Mr. HARISH aged about 37 years, S/o Mahabala Shetty, residing at D/No. 3/91 Panimajalu House, Bondanthila, Mangalore. (Hereinafter called as the LESSEE) of the other part; Witnesses as follows: WHEREAS, the LESSOR is the absolute owner of the premises more fully described in the schedule here below (hereinafter referred to as the schedule premises). The LESSOR has decided to lease out the schedule premises in favor of the third parties and LESSEE came to know about the intentions of the LESSOR approached him and offered to take the schedule premises on a monthly rental of Rs.2200/- (Rupees Two thousand two hundred only) and which offer is accepted by the LESSOR as fair and reasonable. The parties have agreed for certain other terms and conditions into writing. Hence this agreement, the terms of which are as follows: 1. The LESSOR shall lease out the schedule premises in favor of the LESSEE and LESSEE shall take schedule premises on lease from the LESSOR on monthly rental of Rs.2200/- (Rupees Two thousand two hundred only). 2. The lease shall commence from 01/06/2012 and the tenancy month shall be as per English calendar month. 3. The LESSEE shall pay the rent on or before 5th of every month without any default and in case of default he shall be liable to pay interest thereon at 12% p.a. 4. The LESSEE shall not sublet, transfer or part with the possession of the schedule premises or any portion thereof in favor of third parties without the permission in writing of the LESSOR 5. The LESSEE shall

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