Agree or Disagree? Essay

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I agree, humans become animals in the absence of civilization and other trappings of humanity. Humans act in a manner when in the presence of others strictly for the reason that there are ways to conduct in an orderly manner around others. Society has these unrealistic standards when it comes to how to conduct in oneself. Many people have two different personalities, one that is adapted to meet society's standards, while the other is who they really are. Now theoretically, in a normal day one doesn’t exactly have to “fight” for survival, so there really is no need to act out in a hostile manner. However, if someone were to be in the predicament such as the one that Pi found himself in where food was scarce and needed to be fought for then it would make sense to act in an animal like manner. Pi tells us that he was a vegetarian prior to being lost at sea, it was only when he had discovered Richard Parker when he began fishing for him that he really stepped outside of that comfort zone. Pi talks about the first two times he had to kill the fish, the first time takes him longer given he had never had to kill anything and then refers to himself as Cain given he now thought of himself as a murderer. I think in order to survive I think we humans are capable of just about anything. I disagree, humans do not become animals in the absence of civilization and other trappings of humanity. Given that today there are those who find enjoyment in hunting for sport, and this is widely accepted by our society. It isn’t considered animal like when you hunt down a specific animal and hang it’s head on your living room wall, that’s considered normal in some cases. I think when someone is placed in the situation where they have no other choice but to fight for their lives, I think that is basic survival skill that every person has. A flight or fight reaction is a common reaction to
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