Agile Management Method In Construction Management

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Method of Investigation: This chapter will present and explain the scope and method of research chosen to answer the question of this thesis. It also includes reflections on the chosen method and research ethics. Scope The scope of this research method has been limited to 1) Construction project industry. As the agile management principles is being successfully implemented in other industries like Information Technology, Manufacturing etc. with optimized outputs, here we will be exploring the opportunities of the same in construction project environment. Again, in the construction projects, more specifically our scope of study will be limited to the planning and design phase only. 2) Indian Context. Though the agile management concept is…show more content…
Initially the main focus of this study was to gain theoretical knowledge of how the design phase is managed and executed, and to learn what the Agile management approach means. The responses to the questionnaire aroused new subjects that needed to be included in this thesis, which is the reason for the literature study being prolonged. Constant guidance from Dr. Milind Phadtare, our supervisor at the National Institute of Construction Management & Research has taken place during the entire time span of this thesis. Reflections on the chosen method The qualitative research approach was chosen because it is useful when one needs to gain understanding of the issue at hand. It tends to be less structured and more exploratory than the quantitative approach. It is considered suitable when studying organizations, groups and individuals. The research process chosen has allowed for exploration of new areas that are relevant within the topic of this thesis. A thesis, however, needs delimitations and due to this some areas has not been included or elaborated on. Some of these subjects are mentioned in “Scope for Future research”.…show more content…
Result All responses to the online questionnaire have been recorded. These responses have been used to investigate how the interviewees experience the overall design phase. The obstacles, difficulties or flaws that exist in the design phase of a construction project conducted today were examined. Also the possibilities there might be in improving the execution of the design phase were investigated. In the analysis, the results have been studied in relation to the theory about the construction industry, Agile project management and the other relevant subjects raised within the theoretical framework. Validity, reliability and generalizability In order to gain more validity, reliability and generalizability in the empirical data the choice of floating online questionnaire to not only representatives from BSPL but also their contractors were made. The fact that both the respondents and the projects are anonymous has hopefully contributed to more honest and accurate answers and thus more trustworthy empirical data. However, since the questionnaires have been conducted with employees at BSPL and their contractors, the answers might still have been affected in a restricting way even though the respondents were told that it would be

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