Agile Humanoid Robotics Hand

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LOW COST DEXTEROUS TELEOPERATION HUMANOID ROBOTIC HAND WITH WEARABLE REMOTE CONTROLLER A.Salman1, A.Seeni2 and Y.M.T.Yapa Bandara3 1 Pioneer Institute of Business & Technology (PIBT), Sri Lanka. Email: 2 Pioneer Institute of Business & Technology (PIBT), Sri Lanka. Email: 3 Pioneer Institute of Business & Technology (PIBT), Sri Lanka. Email: ABSTRACT Humanoid robotic mechanisms are widely utilized to improve the efficiency and speed of industrial applications. The field is improving with the current tendency towards custom 3D printing and advancements in wearable technology. A method and an implementation to replicate the human finger movements in a vertical plane, using a robotic hand is presented in this paper. A wearable remote controller unit is designed to control the fingers of a 3D printed humanoid robotic hand which improves the dexterity. All five fingers of a human hand with natural bends are designed and implemented with the custom made 3D printed system. The wearable controller unit captures the moments of a real human hand and finger movements are communicated to the humanoid robotic hand. The implementation could be easily improved for applications in telepresence. Key words: Humanoid Robotic hand, 3D printing, Dexterity, Teleoperation 1. 2. INTRODUCTION Designing of humanoid robotics has influenced and helped many fields such as health care, military and general household chores[5, 6]. Having the ability to operate from a distant location, teleoperation, has been an added advantage in this context. Michaud and Fancois (2007) has discussed that teleoperation with assistive technologies constitute a promising avenue to decrease load on the health care system, reduce hospitalization period and improve quality of life [1]. The ever increasing

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