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Agia Marina - Nea Styra Ferry Consortium Essay

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  • on November 23, 2008
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A. Background Information
Around seventy-five kilometers from Athens is the port of Agia Marina. This port is the connection line between Nea Styra at Evoia island and Athens. The transportation to and from the two ports is conducted through ferries. The ferries are capable of carrying both people and cars. Each ferry is owned by a private company. Each company is responsible for the maintenance of its ferry and the human resource management of its personnel. Until 31st of December 1990, each company acted on its own in a healthy competitive environment. Each company settled its own price list and arranged the daily interims according to its strength in the market.

B. The Present
On the 1st of January 1991, all ferry companies came to an agreement to formulate into a consortium. The CEO of each company together with the President consist the Board of Directors. President of the consortium is Mr. Kavantouris Nikolaos. Each company is entered in the consortium by a percentage according to several criteria. These criteria include the ferry capacity and agility. The more capacity and the less agility each ferry possesses the more percentage it hold in the consortium. The profits from the tickets are collected by the consortium and then distributed to each company according to its percentage entry, after the consortium withholds its own percentage fee. Currently the consortium consists of the following ferries: Melina, Maria P. and Diamantis. Each year the consortium agreement is renewed, with some ferries exiting and some other entering. Finally, the consortium makes decisions such as the price of the tickets and the period itinerary.


A. Good Manners

Customers come in contact with ferry and consortium employees in three different areas. These areas are the ticket house before entering into the ferry, during the automobile parking procedure, and at the canteen of the ferry. The attitude of the...

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