Aggressive Behaviour of Jake

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Jake was a quite a quiet teenager who never lost his temper, but in the evening of June 14th, in a bar, Chicago, a man lost his life due to Jake’s aggressive abnormal behaviour. Aggression and anger are different. Anger can be considered constructive at times but normally, it clouds our judgement. Anger isn’t normally physical, but it can prompt aggressive behaviour towards others, then it turns physical. Psychologists refer to aggressiveness as behaviour that is intended to cause harm to others. It can be physical, mental or verbal. I believe the Jake’s home-life and peer pressure definitely contributed to his abnormal behaviour. Jake lived with a violent father, who regularly domestically abused Jake’s mother, to which Jake was helpless to stop. His father also watched violent ‘cowboy’ films, on a regular basis and even named Jake after one of them. His father had full authority over the household, therefore making Jake feel like he had no control. This concept of Jakes behaviour can be explained using the biological approach. He could have inherited his father’s aggressiveness or simply have learnt it from him, from living together (learnt behaviour). At the time, in the bar, Jake could have thought of his father, how in control he was and that he always got what he wanted, so why would it be any different for him? Jake was also under the influence of alcohol that night, which was another biological process that may have triggered off his behaviour. He also, being male, has the hormone testosterone which has been linked to aggression. When Jake saw his girlfriend with another male, he was filled with jealously and with his friends expecting him to do something, how could he have done nothing? The social approach explains Jakes behaviour better, as the peer pressure from his ‘so called’ friends and his upbringing are mentioned. The social

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