Aggressive Animal Behavior and How It Should Be Punished

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An animal that attacks a human being should not be abolished. In any type of case in law, you always have to have justification and be fair, why can’t animals have it? Most animals attack when we attack them, it might have even been an accident. In any law case, no matter high or low, you always have to have reasons for why or at least how it happened. You don’t just say to the lawyer, “That person harmed me, destroy that person at once.” You wouldn’t, would you? Animals have to be justified to our standards! The animal could have even done it accidentally. Some of the animals might think of us as food. They try biting us, but once they find out we are not food, we don’t just go to them and kill it. It’s an accident. Everyone makes mistakes. Most animals attack when they are attacked or frightened by us. For example, take a look at a snake. Not long ago, I read an information book about snakes and it said, “We think that snakes deliberately harm us because it is our habit, but think a bit more deeper, we are the ones who harm or frighten them first.” Now take another example and compare it. If someone tried to attack us, what we would do without even thinking is obvious, defend ourselves. Well so do animals. They are only defending and protecting themselves! On the other hand, however, what if it is situation between life and death? If it is a situation between life and death, and you have to kill it, then go ahead. If you are about do die, and a big tiger is going to kill you, you don't just let it eat you, you try to think of the last solution, which is killing it. Therefore, one can conclude, besides the fact that if you are in a situation between "life and death", and have to kill it, it doesn’t give us the right to destroy it other times. We are the ones that harm some of the animals. They don’t just do it for the fun of it or anything similar to that,

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